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2 Pigeons inspiration ('Venus+Mars' Palma il Giovane) (Do, 18 Jan 2018)
There is a little story about Palma and Palmina the people of Venice sometimes tell till today: As Palmina ended her Lute solo Palma's heart was so warm awakened by her, he smiled at her and said:" Your Lute playing was that impressing and heart full that I can say I will never forget your music performance. I will remember it day and night every moment in my life and hold it deeply inside in my heart." "I want to paint you, Palmina!". She smiled and turned her head a little bit down but her eyes looked straight up to him and smiled a little bit shy. "...Oh, not here in the church... tomorrow, if it is possible for you, we can take a little boat or a Gondola starting from here to the small little spring-moon-light-river-island. There is an old ruin of an ancient church or monastery with nature, a few trees and a lot of green herbs and flowers. I painted there completely alone very often the nature and the animals...last time a big stack-beetle..He waited till i drew him ready..." Palmina raised her lantern near to his and her eyes so that they shined and reflected the candle light very romantic. Palma started to sniff at the lantern as it is a little white fine Venetian bread. She looked into his eyes and started also to sniff and both begun to laughed very naturally. This remembered them at the day they met suddenly in the tiny small street while she was carrying a bag of little fresh fine breads - they sniffed both at this bag at once... The next day Palma went his way again early in the morning to go painting in this church on his big artwork. He took his way through the little street where Palmina brought fresh little breads and Palma sniffed on the fresh breads as it was her usual "wordless smiling greeting ritual". Then he asked her very silent: "Today at 2 pm at the end of the cale dei in the Gondola together to the island?... I will paint you there with the Lute!" "Yes, but...shhhhhh..silent....", she answered quick and went fast her way the small street along. Palma went also painting into the church always thinking about her. Later they started her way from the south of Venice with the Gondola. (The Gondolas of Venice didn't have the black colour in this century. This colour was only the tradition after Titian's death in respect to the biggest painter of Venice - Palma's Master) Palma moved the Gondola with his Power and Palmina started to play the Lute for him which empowers him very much. Plamina was able to make lucky with her playing style because she plays with her heart and all her love. As they arrived at the "Spring-Moon-light-River-Island" they searched a quite place. They where alone with the nature. Palma lied in the herbs painting her and she sat on the ruin-stones holding her Lute playing. Palma loved to draw and paint her much and to listen to her music. She started to play his composition "For Palmina by Palma" [Mandolin solo inspiration part III - Link ... ] and Palma looked at her with big feelings. She felt that and smiled. Palma could draw and paint very fast. ... Like that this they did for a frew hours... Than Palma showed his artwork to Palmina lying down in the herbs to make a break. - "Oooooh, beautiful!!!", Palmina was surprised. -She could see and feel that he liked her really very much. She lied herself beside him and looked into the lightblue sky. Than she made long breaths. Two pigeons flyed above them. Palmina pointed to them and Palma looked also. They could see them straight landing on the little tree which was direct under their feeds. The two pigeons seem no to be afraid of them. Both sat on a root and begun to touch them with their little bills and begun to to bill and coo. It was so quite and tender that Palmina and Palma where deeply impressed. But suddenly a stack-beetle came along the root and tried to hurt the little feet of the right pigeon. "Oh, violent the stack-beetle is to the two loving!" - Palmina was shocked. He reacted very fast and took a little branch (piece of wood) to free the foot of the poor bird. Now the aggressive stack-beetle bites into the little branch instead of the food that strong that Palma could lift him away and set him back to the floor without touching him. And soon there was peace on the spring-moon-light-river-island again. The pigeons started again to bill and coo after a while very tender. Palmina smiled and said to Palma "I am proud of you!" Then she smiled stronger and looked down to Palma which was lying at the ground. Palma looked shy why she is so smiling and she came slowly near with her head to his head and looked deeply into his eyes. "Your creations are so wonderful" [complete text [de/eng]: LISTEN: Cast: Venite Austria Tags: Palma il Giovane
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Dialogue Inspiration (4 min) (Mi, 17 Jan 2018)
painting by Palma il Giovane in Venice(Venezia incoronati) - music: Violin and Viola Cast: Venite Austria
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Palmina saved Palma il Giovane with light and music (Mandolin solo inspiration part III) (Sa, 13 Jan 2018)
(Mandolin solo inspiration part III) LISTEN: Today Palmina wanted to surprise Palma with playing his own creation from her window as she did last time. She expected to hear from him soon - Every day Palma worked on a very large painting in the little church nearby. Often he arrived late with his mandolin to play for her and to listen to her music answer. But today she waited and waited - there was no Palma... She looked out of her window down in the tiny small street - but again no Palma... She waited so long and was a little bid sad. She prepared the music piece so good and to surprise Palma today - but there was no Palma... As the evening was coming she decided to lit her candle in her small lantern to go down to the small short street searching Palma in the church where he usually is working on his painting. She took also the Lute with her, some little white Venetian breads and went very fast to the little church nearby. The door was not locked so she hoped that this means that Palma is there still painting with candlelight. But as she came with her lantern-light into the dark church there was no candle lighting. The church was without any light. Only from the windows came some dark blue light. She found him sleeping at his big painting making a little break forgetting to wake up and to come to Palmina with his mandolin. She looked at him and realised how peaceful he is now sleeping. Palmina smiled as she saw him sleeping like a little child in front of the big painting which is his great artwork. But she also saw the music piece on that paper he wrote for lute lying beside the painting. She learned every note by heard from that music piece. Palma did not know that she learned his music piece and playing it in her tiny chamber alone every day. Once she wanted to play for him his music creation - Today was the day! Also Palma planed to play this music piece for her! He thought that he will surprise her with this music - He learned the piece on his mandolin in his little breaks between when he was alone in the church. BUT Palmina was faster - Yes, she is able to learn a new music piece incredibly fast. Every time she visits him at this little church in Venice she learned a few parts from the music-sheet which has Palma always at his working place secretly looking at the music sheet. But Palmina came often and brought him fresh backed fine little breads (Once Palmina invented these little fine breads and all people of Venice loved her creation - Only in Venice you can get these fine breads also till today). Palma painted often so long that there was no time for eat. Palmina could feel that and brought him secretly every day some fine little breads if none was in the church. Today he worked so long and hard on his big painting that he felt asleep. So Palmina set the lantern-light to his head and took her Lute into her hands. Softly she started to play his music piece tenderly nearby his ear. She saw also that he added a dedication with her name at the music-sheet. She was very moved about this - Palma is expressing his feelings and she understood this very well... She was so lucky that Palmina did not fall from the scaffolding today. It was dangerous to be tired and painting on the scaffolding in this church. Palma il Giovane heard her beautiful playing and waked up very softly during her gentle Lute playing. First he thought a female angel with a special kind of lute was now playing in the church. Palma started to smile and listened to her little soft personal concert. They where at this evening alone in this little church - only the angels where with them and also the golden light which was visible around all things (Palma often painted it in his paintings). Palmina looked so friendly being surrounded by the warm candle light from the little lantern. Palma was lucky and inspired... Palmina played with all her heard and warmed Palma's heard. Now she waked him up so softly and friendly... She awakes his love to music, to make music, to express feelings with music and to tell little or big things within music... She was able to heal with music, to make tired hearts lucky and to wake a sleeping soul up for new inspiring life with all her music talent playing her lute. So Palmina saved Palma il Giovane with light and music. LISTEN to the music piece: [Link] paintings: Palma il Giovane music: composed by Gerald Spitzner (31.Oct, 2016) LISTEN: (played at Jan. 2018) Text: Cast: Venite Austria Tags: Palma il Giovane and Mandolin solo
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Mandolin solo inspiration - part II (Do, 11 Jan 2018)
As Palma finished his mandolin solo he listened if she is playing a music answer from her window. She thought if she plays a little dance as her own composition no one will say anything against it. And so Palmina did. No one will forbid her to play an own composition. Palma listened to her and started a drawing of her showing her with the lute and his mother playing the violin. After she ended her own dance composition Palma raised his Mandolin and played this music: LISTEN: Cast: Venite Austria Tags: Palma il Giovane, mandoline. mandolin solo, art, painter and music
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Mandolin solo inspiration (So, 07 Jan 2018)
470 years ago Palma il Giovane lived (* ~1548 in Venice; † 1628 Venice) in Venice (Italy), who was a famous painter and pupil of the great master Titian. At Venice his painting was presented the first time in a little church. He saw her the first time in his live. She played very beautifully the Lute. After the concert he spoke with her about her beautiful concert and thanked her very much. He spoke with her about the names of the strings of her beautiful instrument. And she was very lucky to explain him the names of the strings. And there was a light-beam coming directly from the church window to that place where they stood. He wanted to see her again but he had no address, he had only her name „Palmina“. So after a long time it happened during an early morning in Venice that Palma il Giovane went through a very tight and very short street. Suddenly he met her again in this street: She was carrying tiny white breads which where freshly backed. Palma made some pantomimic movings with his fingers in the air. It looked like he was playing Lute. Palmina smiled very happy. As they so meet each other again they smiled and said no word and looked smiling into their eyes. She allowed him to sniff on the fresh tiny fine breads. He sniffed and she sniffed also, both smiling and looking each others into their eyes. Without saying any word they met again in the next morning in this little street. This they made every early morning in this short tiny street without speaking any words while smiling and looking into their eyes and sniffing at the fresh fine white little breads which where backed fresh and transported by Palmina through this tiny street. But on one day she was not here on that morning and Palma was very sad because he didn’t not know where she is living here in Venice. Suddenly he heard her playing the Lute. So he raised his eyes up to the windows over the lovely little garden on the right side which was on the other site of the tiny wall and he saw a lot of open windows and he could not figure out from which window Palminas Lute music is coming from and decided to run home and bring his MANDOLINE. As he heard that she is playing so beautifully he listend to her music. After she stopped playing for a while he started to play on his mandoline this music: composed and played by Gerald Spitzner, Jan.2018 Listen: Link: Cast: Venite Austria Tags: music, painter, Palma il Giovanne, Venice and Mandolin solo
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3 King inspirations - painting 'holy three kings' by Cosmas da Castrofranco (So, 07 Jan 2018)
3 King inspirations - painting 'holy three kings' by Cosmas da Castrofranco Cast: Venite Austria Tags: painter and Cosmas da Castrofranco
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Mars and Venus Inspiration (Drawing by Palma il Giovane) (Sa, 06 Jan 2018)
Mars and Venus Inspiration Drawing by Palma il Giovane Cast: Venite Austria Tags: Palma il Giovane, painter, Mars and Venus, Mars and Venus
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Poetic flying birds at colorful morning sky (Do, 04 Jan 2018)
Poetic flying birds at colorful morning sky Cast: Venite Austria
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Music Inspiration - Happy new year (4) (Di, 02 Jan 2018)
Music Inspiration - Happy new year (4) Cast: Venite Austria
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Morning Inspiration - Happy new year (3) (Di, 02 Jan 2018)
Morning Inspiration - Happy new year (3) Cast: Venite Austria Tags: Viola, Violin and Violin-Viola
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Little Happy new year concert 2018 (2) (Di, 02 Jan 2018)
Happy new year concert 2018 (2) Cast: Venite Austria Tags: Violin-Viola, Violin and Viola
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Happy new year 2018 (Mo, 01 Jan 2018)
Music Greetings on the 1.1.2018 Cast: Venite Austria Tags: Happy new year
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Composing Impressions in Venice Composing Inspirations at Venice - The city of Art (Sa, 30 Dez 2017)
music: 'Gondeln in Venedig - Sanctus in G' by Gerald Spitzner Cast: Venite Austria Tags: venice
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Weihnachtliche Gondeln in Venedig - (Sanctus in G by Gerald Spitzner) (Mi, 27 Dez 2017)
Violine + Mandoline Version See Original Version: Cast: Venite Austria Tags: Violin-Mandolin, Sanctus, Mandolin, Violine and Venice
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Light and Shadow Inspirations 2 (4 min) (So, 17 Dez 2017)
Video music artwork by Gerald Spitzner Violin: Renate Spitzner Viola: Gerald Spitzner Cast: Venite Austria
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Mystic views ispirations (9 min) (Fr, 15 Dez 2017)
Video music artwork by Gerald Spitzner Violin: Renate Spitzner Viola: Gerald Spitzner Cast: Venite Austria
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Light Inspiration (4 min) (Do, 14 Dez 2017)
Video and music artwork by Gerald Spitzner Violin: Renate Spitzner Viola: Gerald Spitzner Cast: Venite Austria
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Yang and Ying inspirations (9min 23) (Mi, 13 Dez 2017)
Video and music artwork Cast: Venite Austria
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Gebet für Mozart (historic private flat of Mozart) (Di, 05 Dez 2017)
'Prayer for Mozart' - recorded in the historic privat flat of Wolfgan Amadeos Mozart in Vienna. 'Gebet für Mozart' - privat aufgenommen in der historische Wohnung von Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart Music: Renate Spitzner (Violine) Gerald Spitzner (Viola) Cast: Venite Austria Tags: Mozarts flat, Viola, Violin-Viola and Violin
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Planet Jupiter - Sun - frate vento (Cantico delle Creature) (Mi, 22 Nov 2017)
The Planet JUPITER-Melody (Cantico delle Creature) in reflection to "☴ 巽 Sun / The Gentle (The Penetrating, Wind)" for Pipa 琵琶 and Viola and "frate vento - brother wind - 風弟兄" (Choir) composed by Gerald Spitzner Cast: Venite Austria Tags: Cantico delle Creature
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Planet Mars - Chên (Cantico delle Creature) (Mi, 22 Nov 2017)
The Planet MARS-Melody (Cantico delle Creature 5c) in reflection to "☳ Chên 震 - Thunder / the arousing" for Pipa 琵琶 and Viola composed by Gerald Spitzner Cast: Venite Austria Tags: Cantico delle Creature
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dancing music flower (2min) - 2017-11-16 (Mi, 22 Nov 2017)
Violin and Piano Cast: Venite Austria Tags: flower
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Music flower moment (4 min) (Sa, 04 Nov 2017)
Violin: Renate Spitzner Piano: Gerald Spitzner Video: Gerald Spitzner Cast: Venite Austria Tags: flower, music, Violn-Piano, Piano and Violin
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Lunar Moments (1min 42) - 2017-10-04 (Sa, 04 Nov 2017)
Video: 'Lunar moments' by Gerald Spitzner music: (2) from '8 Soli for Pipa 琵琶 and Viola' (of Cantico delle Creature) composed by Gerald Spitzner Viola: Gerald Spitzner A Venite Austria Project (2016 /2017) Cast: Venite Austria Tags: Canticle of Creation, Pipa, 琵琶, Cantiv, moon, Cantico delle Creature and Pipa solo
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Moments of light (4min) - 2017-10-21 (Sa, 04 Nov 2017)
Cast: Venite Austria Tags: art, Violin - Piano, poetic, video, music, violin and piano
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